Our Story

Believing that diamonds should not cost the earth, we, DRC DIA TECH brings forward an absolute Eco-friendly and indistinguishable alternative of earth mined diamonds. We specialise in lab-grown diamonds. The diamonds that we offer are grown from the finest diamond seeds in a carefully controlled environment. Our labs are equipped with all latest apparatus and tech heads ensuring a consistent supply of Type IIA diamonds.

Our team of experienced master cutters passionately reveal each diamond’s facets and our motto behind this endeavour is to create a place where a wide choice of exquisite, conflict-free and guaranteed diamonds gets available for every beautiful female.

If you compare our lab-grown diamonds with earth mined diamonds, let us tell you that you won’t find any physical, chemical or optical difference. We are here to serve you right and in an economical way. For us, consistent quality of product and satisfaction of customers matters the most.

Vision & Mission

We Strive to create a place where a wide choice of Beautiful, Conflict Free, Eco-Friendly and Pure DRC Created Diamonds are available for every female, giving a modern twist to a mined diamond and contribute a little to environment sustainability.