Diamond Education

The first step of a smart customer is to be aware of what he is buying. Of course, we don't expect you to be a diamond expert, and therefore we take it as our responsibility to educate you about diamonds and facilitate in the right buy.

Diamond Shape

Deciding on the shape of the diamond is the initial step of the entire diamond buying process. People usually confuse the diamond shape with the cut of the diamond but the cut is a whole different concept. Shapes refer to the general outline of the diamond. The diamond shapes that we offer are:



Possessing excellent light refraction properties, the round diamonds have like a “forever” demand. the shape is timeless, and the shine is enduring.



This shape is the second most popular diamond shape. with a distinctive square look, this shape has a contemporary feel and gorgeous sparkle to it.



Oval diamonds have this advantage of appearing more significant than the round ones. again with versatility and admiration, this shape exhibits superior fire and brilliance.



Fusion of a round and marquees shape, the pear diamonds reflects best of both the worlds. it resembles a teardrop and is considered very modish and artistic.



Square with round edges impart a very soft yet prominent appeal. cushion diamonds fits well in any setting.



A genuine emerald diamond is always one and a half times longer than its width. the parallel line facets with shallow pavilion communicate grandeur and finesse.



With the curved middle and pointed ends, marquise diamonds are perfect for the settings where an impression of larger size is desired.



Signifying love, the two symmetrical halves of heart diamond imparts a very bold and romantic look.


1. CUT

DRC Diamonds are perfectly cut by the master cut, optimising the gleam.


With DRC created diamonds one can afford even a bulkier and bigger piece at a lesser price.


We at DRC believe in adding a clear and conscious asset to your life.


The perfect colour of the diamond is colourless.

CUT : The cut of a diamond does not mean the shape; instead it is a delicate balance of diamond’s symmetry, proportions and polish. Cutting of a diamond is all about positioning its facets correctly so that right refractions of light within, create a reflection of the scintillating shining diamond above. The DRC DIA TECH have experienced master cutters who cut the diamond perfectly as per its shape, optimising the gleam.

CARAT : Carat is the measurement that describes the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to .20 grams. The larger the number of the carat, the expensive the diamond is; for many of us this even means postponing our diamond purchase but thank god! With DRC DIA TECH lab-grown diamonds you can buy a bulkier and bigger piece at a lesser price. We have lab-grown diamonds up to …… carats.

CLARITY : Clarity is a measurement of how many blemishes or inclusions are present in the diamond. These defects are never visible to a naked eye. Gemologists use a particular scope to find it and scale a diamond on this C. The better the clarity of a diamond, the higher the price is. Diamond clarity starts from flawless or internally flawless to very very slightly included (VVS1, VVS2), very slightly included (VS1, VS2), slightly included (S1, S2)and included (I1, I2, I3) ( you can put this up in the form of a diagram) The DRC DIA TECH lab-grown diamonds always fall under the category of …………. We believe in adding a clear and conscious asset to your life.

COLOUR : The perfect colour of the diamond is colourless. The colour of a diamond is graded on an alphabetical scale starting from D (colourless) to Z ( yellow). The colourless the diamond is, the right amount of light will be able to pass through making it sparkle more. Obviously, the D graded diamonds are expensive but here again with DRC DIA TECH diamonds, you have the opportunity to add colourful fire to your life by being in your budget limits. The DRC DIA TECH lab-grown diamonds stand in the range of……………