The perfect diamond grows from a perfect diamond seed. Our skilled lab experts select the finest quality diamond seeds ensuring a consistent supply of Type IIa diamonds.

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Our motto is to create a place where a wide choice of exquisite, conflict-free and guaranteed diamonds gets available for every beautiful female.

CVD Process


Digging out diamonds from the earth means cutting down of trees, depletion of fossil fuels and degrading the quality of air and water. Buying a DRC Created diamond is a step towards sustainability and responsibility; it has no harmful effects around.


Naturally mined stones have a dark background. They are sourced from conflicted regions, carrying the stories of child labour, poor working conditions and human rights violation - no wonder why they are often called Blood Diamonds. Contrastingly, DRC Created diamonds are a remarkable guilt free possession for a conscious customer.


With the same composition and properties as of natural diamonds, the DRC Created diamonds costs a fraction of them. You can now buy a better and bigger size of the DRC Created diamond in the same value.

Exceptional quality and purity

Because DRC Created diamonds are curated in controlled conditions, they are superior in many aspects. Their quality and purity are exceptional.

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